FAQ and Extras

Hey there! Some shipping FAQs below...

When does my order ship?

I ship orders once a week during most of the year, usually Fridays. For November and December I get over to the post office twice a week. I send everything USPS First Class or Priority, depending on weight and/or size. If you absolutely need your order faster, please contact me so that I can scoot down to post it as soon as possible or so we can arrange a payment to cover Express mail charges. I can arrange to ship FedEx but it may cost a bit extra as well.

Where is my order!?

Be patient, it's on it's way! If you want tracking on your order, email me or add a note at time of purchase so I can get a delivery tracking or confirmation slip. If it has been way longer than a reasonable amount of time, and still has not been delivered, it may be lost. OH NO! Was your Paypal delivery address correct? You wouldn't believe how often people forget to change it after they move! I don't want people to be sad though, even if it wasn't my fault, so do contact me if you think it is lost for good.


Most orders ship with a free sticker, bookmark or other goody, so... SURPRISE!